jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Customize your Ikea !

Relook an Ikea™ furniture quickly and easily, as your own wish, following your current mood or the fashion trend. This is the concept of Additik.
Our posters and repositionable adhesives have been specially designed to allow you to easily customize IKEA ™'s basics, and all your basic furniture with smooth surfaces and your refrigerator doors.
All our stickers are not in vinyl, they are made of removable, thick and resistant adhesive. They are printed with pigment inks (without solvent thus more ecological) they are also covered with a protective film: you can clean them with a sponge. Their application is very easy, no tools are needed, just a dry duster!
To contribute to environmental, our posters are printed from pigment inks (without solvent thus more ecological), on a matt paper benefiting from Eco-certificate (made in France in an ISO-certified factory 14001 and a certified paper pulp FSC).
Our stickers and posters have the exact dimensions of ikea's furniture for which they are intended, no need of cutting them.

All our products are designed and completely made in France.
Additik ™ is a totally independent company of IKEA ™.

You need to change your atmosphere, or simply to get a new look and offer a second life to your furniture: Adopt Additik Attitud and "Enjoy yourself!"

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